A resounding YES in answer to that question! Spirituality can definitely be enhanced, enriched, and expanded upon. By experiencing imagery journeys, many people have found both their intuition and spirituality have increased. Often these types of journeys allow a person to discover, explore, and experience profound spiritual connection. It is the journey within where transformation truly takes place.

Some hypnotherapists are familiar with client centered imagery journeys. With these types of journeys, the hypnotherapist is more a facilitator to the client, as the client’s journey develops throughout the process. This imagery style opens up opportunity for autonomous discovery on the client’s part. The client’s journey is their own.

One imagery process that can often be the beginning of expanded spirituality is to allow the client to find the Wise and Loving Something Within. This is a process that brings the client into a unique and connecting experience to some sort of Wise and Loving One that helps to solve issues, brings comfortable relief, and a feeling of being supported in a very loving way. Helping clients to find a way to trust and come to truly know their own inner guidance is often a first step.

In addition, many times Mythic and Archetypal imagery can also bring about profound insight, realization, and connection to beyond the physical. Deeper understanding may come forward as the client discovers and explores mythic symbols and images out of their known zone. As the client experiences these inner journeys, it becomes clear to them that they are on their transformational path toward actualization, wholeness, and moving forward in life.

Imagery is frequently found to be extremely powerful. Actually having communication with all the various images that occur during these journeys, the client becomes strengthened emotionally, physically, mentally, and spiritually.


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First, let’s make sure you have had a good medical exam for those “stomach issues.” With a Doctor’s Consent, whatever medically shows up about those issues, hypnosis and imagery may be very helpful. For instance, for the diagnosed condition of IBS, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, doctors recommend listening to an imagery CD three times a day! Stress relief for “stomach issues” may be extremely effective.

The hypnotherapist, with a medical clearance, can help the client with “stomach issues” in a variety of ways. First it is important to find out just exactly what those issues are, and map out a strategy that gets the mind and body working together more positively. The goal becomes to bring the stomach area into feeling good and functioning in a normal and natural way through tools and techniques that work. The tools and techniques vary depending on suggestibility and belief in the mind affecting the body.

Imagery can be so relaxing and comfortable for the mind-body. To imagine a place that is secure and peaceful, beautiful and tranquil can do wonders for someone with stomach issues. Imagine applying a soothing color to the body through a series of breathing exercises. This can also bring relief. And, what about imagining a Control Room, which you have access to, and that allows you to turn down discomfort? In your imagination, anything can happen if you let it. By turning the dial down, like in the old days when we turned down the volume on the stereo, you can dial down discomfort.

One more thing to mention that could be important. If the person with stomach issues has no known medical reason for those issues, it might be the result of a ‘body syndrome.’ Since the body does hold memory, perhaps there is an emotional issue being held in the mid-section that is unresolved.  Many times it is guilt or some kind of frustration, either of which, could be the culprit.

Further, along with this same idea of repressed emotion making an imprint on the body, let’s look at ‘organic language.’ Often people use phrases like, “I can’t stomach this,” or “He’s a pain in the neck,” or “What a pain in the _____,” and many more. Please cease and desist using that kind of language. The mind and body are so connected, the messages may not be interpreted correctly, and damage can occur.

Even for long standing issues, with some hypnotherapy sessions, practice of the new tools, techniques, and repetition of CDs, a client with an excellent hypnotherapist can move forward into feeling good again!

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It’s great that you are setting goals. Many times people are never even taught about creating goals and going for the accomplishment.  Goal setting is such an important part of moving forward. Hypnotherapy is an excellent source of help to those who may feel stuck in a rut over lack of goal achievement. And, yes, hypnotherapy can help!

There are a number of different reasons that may be behind lack of achievement of goals. It may simply be an old idea that the subconscious is adhered to. Perhaps going forward to achieve and accomplish certain goals is just not known and familiar enough for the subconscious to allow it yet. With hypnotherapy, and a skilled hypnotherapist, there is an opportunity to break up the old ideas, let them go, and get comfortable with the new. Then, it becomes easier to follow through with happy goal achievement.

Inherent in this kind of exploration, and according to your belief system, is the metaphysical Law of Allowing. The Law of Allowing is about letting it in. Letting in what? Well, of course, letting in what you have wanted to attract. It’s about being open to let what you created in your mind’s eye to become a reality. You must give permission for this. What you want must be allowed to come in. If you are not receiving what you want, then it might mean for some reason you may not be allowing it. Perhaps you got focused, even unwittingly, on the lack of having what you want. Not receiving, could this possibly have something to do with what you think you deserve or do not deserve? Are you resisting allowing? Are you sabotaging what you want? 

Ask yourself what does it mean to me, to Allow? What is does it mean to me, to Deserve? Maybe deserving has nothing to do with allowing. When you get the answers from your intuition, perhaps you will begin to notice if these answers are based in old ideas, information learned from long ago. Perhaps a new updated version of what it is to Allow and Receive could be developed by you.

And, how does that best happen? Again, in the mind’s eye. Imagine being comfortable with what you create, attract, and now, what you are comfortable to allow. Imagine being comfortable with seeing, feeling, and believing in allowing what you want to be in your reality. Allowing includes the feeling that what you want is already here. Be open to it. Get comfortable with it. Grant yourself permission. Receive and Allow. Let it in. You deserve it!

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Many are reporting similar things these days. With all the worry, anxiety, and stress that seem to be hovering around a lot of people, the overload of message units becomes too tremendous to bear. Many times, depending on a person’s way of receiving information, a hyper-suggestible state can occur. That means, a person can easily lose focus, lose things, and perhaps even feel like they are “loosing it!”

It is often the person with middle suggestibility, who more easily can get spacey in conscious outer awake life because they are completely maxed out from so much going on in their lives. When things get tough, information overload can occur, and the result could be lack of concentration and misplaced items. To check out your suggestibility score, go to testmyrelationship.com.

If becoming hyper-suggestible is the cause, experiencing hypnosis with a skilled hypnotherapist can help. In this case, it could be that getting into a deep state of trance would relieve the overload. In a sense, the pile up of too much information is finally let go of, and the client would come up to the waking state having been completely refreshed. Now, in the waking state, things become more crystal clear, focus is back, and suddenly, everything is in its rightful place again. Welcome back to clarity!


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The stress of not working and dealing with financial obligations can be enormous. It is so understandable that hope seems distant and far away. Hypnotherapy can first relieve the stress and give you tools and techniques to become grounded again in a more positive point of view. Even when it truly seems impossible, possibilities and opportunities still exist. It becomes so with a shift of perspective.

If it’s been a long haul without work, sometimes shifting your perspective seems daunting. However, you might find it to be easier than you think. Here are some helpful hints to try while on your own. Make it your current job to feel better. For some people, approaching each day with the attitude you think you might have if you were working is helpful. Imagine what you think you might feel when you are working again. Would that be a sense of relief or a feeling of confidence?  Perhaps, you might feel some sort of satisfaction, enthusiasm, or even a feeling of empowerment?

To take this idea a little further. What if you might spend a little time imagining? Situate yourself in a comfortable chair and put your feet up. Identify the feeling you think you might feel if you were working again, and then allow a comfort state, by first taking a few deep breaths with closed eyes. Soon, with your normal natural state of breathing, comfortable and secure, let your mind drift and day dream a little. Imagine the feeling of being productive, imagine being at work in a compatible situation, imagine being at the bank depositing your work check and feeling the relief of again being able to take care of your family. Even now, when you start thinking about this, can you feel a little bit of confidence returning?

Here’s another idea. As you start to feel better, or even before, try making your job be about helping other people to feel good or better, too. Lend a helping hand to someone you do not know, reach out to comfort a friend whose in need, or help a family member around the house. You might even check out a charitable organization to find out how you can be helpful to them. These kinds of actions could actually give you more of a sense of purpose and also help someone else out at the same time. Before long you will be feeling much better.

Another way to use the tool of imagery, is to get completely off the subject all together. Let yourself establish a comfort state again, but let your mind drift toward a special place, one where you feel very secure. This is a place that is peaceful for you, where you go to center yourself. Simply ten minutes of this can alter your mood, change it up, so that you become more refreshed and with a renewed spirit.

You might be surprised how a little daily imagining and some positive actions towards others can begin to turn you to the positive. With a more positive point of view, even the worst circumstances can change. It is important to release yourself from the lack of having. Allow yourself to embrace what it might feel like to have everything be ok. You might notice you feel a little more uplifted, your energy would shift, and you will look out of your eyes through a different lens. This creates a better receiving mode on your part. It is important to receive and allow the good to flow in. Your new job is just around the corner! Let it in!

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With a medical referral in hand for the hypnotherapist, let’s count the ways that hypnosis and imagery can help someone with cancer! First of all, the hypnotic experience reduces stress and anxiety. Through imagery techniques, the immune system can be bolstered. Imagery can also help the client feel as though they have more control of their situation. With so many new things the client has to handle in their already big path of life, a hypnotherapist can help the client with cancer to sort it all out with much less stress.

If the client wants to “fight” the cancer, there are numerous techniques for mind/body work. The hypnotherapist helps the client to find images that are right for them, images that spring from their subconscious to help the healing process. These processes help to allay fears in general about the disease, fear of recurrence, or even fear of death.

Pain reduction is another big help that hypnosis and imagery techniques can bring to the person who is suffering with cancer. Reducing nausea, bringing back the natural appetite, and return the sense of normal natural taste buds are all things addressed in hypnosis and imagery.

Hypnosis and imagery help the client who transitions back into the work place after medical treatment is complete, with the discovery of perhaps new purpose and meaning. Sometimes, dealing with after effects of treatment, such as hair loss and weight changes, self-value and esteem issues can be daunting. Hypnosis and imagery can be very beneficial in dealing with all of this, and in particular, the emotions that occur during the ordeal of cancer.

One of the most important roles hypnosis and imagery plays for the client who is battling cancer, is that it gives the client a sense of being in control of their own mind. Their thoughts are their own. No matter what is said or done about the disease, the way the client is thinking about it is the most important. Further, hypnosis and imagery, because of producing stress relief for the client, brings back clarity of the mind, better focusing, comfort for the body, all of which is so helpful, especially in decision making.

And finally, a hypnotherapist can also help with relationship and family issues that come up during the course of the disease. Many times, family dynamics change, as certain family members may move into caregiving roles.  This change in relationships can create a myriad of emotions with all members of the family. Sometimes friends are involved as no family members are available. Hypnosis can help.

For going on twelve years now, and currently, this hypnotherapist has been doing guided imagery for groups at weSpark Free Cancer Support Center in Sherman Oaks, CA. This center is for those who have cancer and also for their caregivers. Be sure to go to weSpark.org for more information. Also, check out the annual upcoming weSpark Walk/Run on Nov 4th, 20012, while a worthwhile fund raising event, it is also a fun time held at Universal Studios.

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Yes, hypnosis can certainly help you to have a more positive experience once you wake up for the day. But, let’s look at the dread feeling for a moment. Chances are “venting dreams” may be the reason you wake up with the feeling of dread. Venting dreams occur in the early morning hours of sleep, often, just before you wake up. Your mind is actually doing you a favor by getting rid of what you no longer need or want. That is the healthy natural reason we have venting dreams.

For a moment when you wake up, get a sense of the dream, perhaps you might even write it down on paper. This helps you to realize what you were dominantly feeling in the dream. That then leads you to recognize what you are releasing. The symbols created by your mind are helping you to release fear, anxiety, stress, negatives, frustration of any kind through your venting dream. The symbols are your symbols. What do they mean to you?

We are always dreaming whether we know we are or not. Much of the time we do not remember our dreams. It is possible to have the venting dream and the resulting feeling, but not remember that a venting dream took place. Waking up with the feeling of dread, unless otherwise diagnosed by your doctor, may just indicate to you that you most likely had a venting dream. Now, it is time to “positize” up for the day.

Hypnotic suggestion is often given to encourage venting dreams. It is important to clear the subconscious of negatives. Venting dreams can also occur as positive and still their purpose is for clearing the mind. Even telling yourself just before bed, your venting dreams will be positive, or infer it someway to yourself through imagery, could begin the process of switching that feeling of dread to something better.

Here’s a helpful tip you can do on your own. Once you wake up to the day, begin the process of taking 21 seconds at the top of each hour to do an affirmation focus or to do some positive imagining. If this is done at the top of the first 3 hours after wake up, your good humor will be restored. Of course, working with a hypnotherapist to achieve a more positive mind set, feel enthusiasm for life, become motivated with a sense of purpose and meaning, is the most effective way to change the way you wake up to the day!

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It’s best to do one therapy at a time, but when there is this worry about the weight, the smoker’s fears can be put aside when they experience a loss of a few pounds within the first week or two of a stop smoking program. With hypnotic suggestions to reduce sugar intake, eat more protein snacks to replace sugar and cigarettes, drink more water, exercise, seeing a couple of pounds leaving the body can be a boost of confidence for the smoker who fears gaining weight when they stop smoking.

Most smokers do not realize this, but often even stronger than the nicotine addiction, is the addiction to sugar. The tips of cigarettes are soaked in fruit juices and part of the preparation of the tobacco leaves is to soak them in molasses. Sugar is a big part of the addiction to cigarettes. Many times sweet coffee drinks and soft drinks are a part of the routine of the smoker because it washes away the smoke taste, whether they are aware of that or not. When a good honest appraisal is taken about the sugar intake while smoking, a smoker can easily drop a little weight simply by cutting back on the sugar.

Getting to this is part of the new habit formation. Changing up and shifting the old patterns to new ways of thinking and doing is within the expertise of the subconscious mind. Reducing any sense of cravings through dream release is also a very helpful suggestion for the smoker. Once the more powerful part of the mind (the subconscious) gets on board with a new idea, along with deliberate conscious decision and behavior modification, a new habit is born. The nonsmoker is free of smoke and does not have to gain weight!

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The short answer is “yes.” Being able to visualize in hypnosis is a by-product of suggestibility. Some people visualize in the state of hypnosis and some do not. Being able to “see” images in the mind’s eye is more common with someone who has literal suggestibility. That means, they best learn through the literal words spoken. Those who have inferential suggestibility, often do not get visuals. They best take in information beyond the literal words said – they want the meaning of the words, listen for the tone of voice, in life they rely on cues like gestures, and pick up through other sensory recruitment. Even though a person may not get visuals in the altered state due to their suggestibility, hypnotic suggestion and imagery are still effective. If we don’t visualize, we usually can imagine.

 In our daily life, we are constantly bombarded with images — on our phones, computers of all variations, the television, the movie theater, and more. We come to think of imagery as those sorts of “images” that we can see. Yet, imagery as a tool, is a sensory experience. All of the senses come into play when we do specific imagining, as in hypnotic work. It is imagining with a purpose. What we “see” MAY be a part of it, yet not required.

What we hear, touch, smell, taste, and emotionally feel is most definitely imagery. To experience imagery in hypnosis means to use of any one of those senses or all of them. And, since the subconscious mind runs our sensory experience, imagery then, in a kind of way, speaks the language of the subconscious, making communication and connection entirely effective.

Can someone increase their ability to visualize in the hypnotic state? Absolutely! Simply by becoming more comfortable with the process of imagining in state can increase visualization. The more you do it, the better you get at it. It’s like anything we do for the first time, and then we do again, and again, and then eventually we get comfortable with it. Another way of increasing the ability to visualize is to quietly sit with a book or magazine open to a beautiful picture, or some beautiful picture on your electronic media of choice, focus on the picture, really look at it, then close your eyes, and recall what you just looked at. Open your eyes and look again at the picture. Ask yourself how well did you do? Repeat the process. Do it again and again. Before you know it, you will be able to visualize!

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It might feel like a mystery as to why he’s there, right? Or, even if you know exactly why the cave experience has called him again, better, right now, to just let it be. If you give him a little time without trying to get him to come out, naturally, he will return. What do you do, while he’s taking his space? Let’s get busy and let’s not take it personally. Now’s the time to get connected to that friend you’ve been meaning to call, or jump into a project you’ve been putting off. Leave him alone. He will come back, even more quickly, when not coaxed or begged to come back.

You probably also might wish he would communicate his feelings more easily. You like to talk about your relationship, right? He doesn’t. Just by the fact that he is in the relationship is proof he cares, he thinks. You would like more words of love said, he thinks his actions are showing you that. Did he ever request that you give him more advance warning for going to a social event? He needs at least a week or two so he can think about it. Doing the social thing isn’t as easy for him as it is you.

You may wonder sometimes, do we have enough in common?Well, opposites attract, and it just does make one-heck-of-a-more-interesting-relationship-ride when both are not the same. While, there are a myriad of little nuances in making sense of the differences, it actually can be more fun and delightful with knowledge of the Kappas theory. The key is, to understand your way of being and your significant other’s way of being. No one is 100% anything, but we do have a dominant way of being.  And, it is your sub-dominance that helps you to get your partner.

For understanding relationship issues, there is no better tool than the relationship strategies of Dr. John Kappas. For nearly fifteen years, every week of this hypnotherapist’s practice, Dr. K’s theory of relationship comes in mighty handy in helping clients. It is a non-gender, non-sexual orientation specific theory. It works for everybody, whatever the combination. Using it for understanding why people do what they do, and for better communication creates stronger more effective personal and professional relationships. To find out more, go to testmyrelationship.com.

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