Some Applications of Hypnotherapy:

The list is quite long for all the varying and many applications of the use of hypnosis in a therapeutic setting , some of which are: General self-improvement,  performance or test anxiety, fear of flying, and fear of success. Some other applications include insomnia, addictions (often with additional support from the medical and support group community), and relationship difficulties.

General self-improvement and motivation:

Often clients come in, wanting more out of life, not quite sure of which direction to take, needing inspiration to get going, or wanting to have more understanding about themselves. Goal setting is a part of the conscious work that happens with Cheryl and the client. Then as the client imagines and visualizes goal fulfillment in the hypnotic state, the subconscious becomes aligned with the feeling of the desired outcome and motivation is increased.

Performance or Test Anxiety:

In hypnosis, learning on a subconscious level that “the thoughts you think control the feelings in the body, and that you can not have two different thoughts of the opposite nature at the same time” is part of a process that is often used to help a client replace those anxious feelings. This desensitization helps the client change the behavior. Associating calm and comfort with an anchoring process is also a part of the program for relief. With hypnosis, public speaking can be an enjoyable process and tests can be taken with ease.




Fear of Flying:

Movie and television images have not exactly fostered a sense of safety about flying. The news media also contributes to negative messages we all receive. What kind of images are we going to allow our minds to take in? This is important to think about when you are dealing with any kind of fear.  A fear of flying can be due to a specific incident that a person experienced. More often, there is no specific incident, only the fear. While treatment varies between the two, always a series of desensitizing sessions are a part of the program. Soon, with hypnosis, you will be flying quite comfortably. 

Relationship Issues:

Strategies for successful relationships have never been better since the Kappas theory of Emotional and Physical Suggestibility and Sexuality. In his book, Relationship Strategies, The E & P Attraction, Kappas provides a powerful handbook on behavior. Whether the problem lies with your boss, your best friend, or your significant other, E&P points the way to solution.  E&P gives understanding and recognition of yourself and of those whom you attract. With hypnosis, significant changes can be made toward happier, and more fulfilling relationships.


In conjunction with a group support system, and perhaps medical attention, (Doc referral in that case) hypnosis is beneficial when the individual is able to recognize the problem. Since using the substance begins to be associated with the way to “get through life,” the habit becomes the only choice.  The individual is now limited by the addiction and does not see all the other choices and options available; and therefore, the dependence.  Whatever the substance, it can be a cover-up or a substitute. Once the client has recognized the problem, helping them to feel better about themselves, and increasing motivation are paramount. Hypnosis and Therapeutic Imagery can help to create a new path of freedom from the addiction.

Let’s Win the Game!

Many of your sports heroes use it. To win on the playing field, first you have to win the mental game. Hypnosis is now a common component in athletic training. Cheryl O’Neil, along with your coach, can develop a customized program which results in peak championship performance. Professional or amateur, hypnosis can be a dynamic tool for improving your game. Consistent visualization with the practice of self-hypnosis will have you winning time and time again!