Relationships can be tough. Building the best relationship takes a little work and then through true understanding of The Eight Successful Secrets of Relationship, soon you can experience being in a couple as much easier and a lot more fun.

The Theory of E & P, by Dr. John Kappas, offers a wonderful way to understand how to communicate better with your ‘significant other’ and also understand how to better communicate with yourself. Cheryl has an expertise in teaching this theory to her clients and loves to help them make the E & P Connection. Her hypnotic therapeutic imagery creates deeper more positive knowns about healthy relationship.

The E & P Connection can also help to create better communication and therefore help to make better sex — it also helps in getting a relationship back on track — and yet, if the only way to go forward for the client means splitting up, Cheryl can help with these hypnotic relationship strategies when it’s time to get over the relationship, as well.