Therapeutic Imagery Seminars


WonderQuest is a series of Imagery Journeys designed to enhance your life path. Building Confident Independence, Inner Trust, a “Can-Do” Spirit, a “Never-Give-Up” Attitude, Metaphysical Connection, and Overcoming the Monster Fear, are some of the benefits the WonderQuest Journeys help to instill. Imagery can be a wonderful Inner Resource to living a fulfilling life. WonderQuest is available for groups or individuals. PathFinder Creative Circles and Empowerment Journeys are offshoots of the WonderQuest series.

Groups & Seminars - Cheryl O'Neil
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Phenomenal People

This is a series of 4 meetings designed to power-up a goal in a month’s time. Get your motor running, and get the guidebook filled to the brim with tips and tools for creation and manifestation. This program is for people who have already phenomenally achieved and are ready to gear up again — or for the new self-starter with big desire and no “how-to.”

Jumpstart Workshops

Get a jumpstart! Accomplish your goals and discover how to maintain those new positive paths! This is a workshop designed to stimulate and motivate, determine goals, and filled with tools and techniques to make your year meet your vision. Jumpstart Workshops can be booked for your group at any time throughout the year to get them going in a positive, new, and fresh direction!

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