Imagery in Hypnosis

Since the brain, the mind, learns in images, imagery is the natural way to communicate with the subconscious mind. Because imagery and the subconscious speak the same language – imagery becomes a powerful tool to use for positive change!

Imagery is an experience that involves all of the senses. While visualization can be an element, seeing images, it is not always a part of an imagery experience due to individual receptivity. In imagery, clients are encouraged to notice with any or all of their senses — including emotional feelings. New experience can be accomplished that is fuller and richer than visualization alone. It all depends on the client’s receptiveness.

When an imagery process is being experienced, the client is in a state of hypnosis. It may be a lighter state of hypnosis if the client speaks out loud during the process, but not always. Some clients respond to this spoken imagery technique while others respond to the silent imagery approach. Although it may be a matter of preference, or to the degree that receptivity will afford, the response variation could also be more dependent on what is going on in the client’s life.

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While there are many different styles and types of imagery, most imagery processes generally help the client to find their answers within. Even guided imagery scenarios, which may include archetypal symbols, allow room for the client’s own subconscious symbols to arise.

All hypnosis requires an understanding, on the Hypnotherapist’s part, of mind symbols and how to find the client’s symbols during the therapeutic process. Imagery is an excellent tool for that discovery. It can bring subconscious information up to conscious awareness. Each client has their own unique symbols based on their life experience. These symbols can be extremely important when helping the client move forward with therapeutic positive change. In the last decade, imagery has taken a giant leap up in use and in popularity. It has been proven to be highly effective, specifically gaining high marks in the health arena.

Cheryl O’Neil is a master of Therapeutic Imagery and every week works with imagery in her private practice, as well as, doing weekly group imagery journeys at weSpark — a free cancer support center in Sherman Oaks, CA.