Life Mastery

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Change a Negative Mind Set to a Positive Mind Set!

Sometimes a client comes in very aware that they have a negative mind set, or that they are a constantly dogged by critical negative inner talk, or they seem to know that they are negatively focused and have been for most of their life. They seem to feel that they are susceptible to “negative energy” and they want to change that to a more positive way of being in life. Is it possible? Yes, and this falls within a category that Pathfinder calls, Life Mastery.

Owning your thought, being able to direct your mind and your energy in a more positive way is a wonderful way to be in charge of your life. By this re-alignment, every area of your life becomes enriched!

Self Empowerment

Another form of the Life Mastery experience is to become Self Empowered. Have you ever felt as though you are so “other oriented” you don’t seem to know your own mind?  It’s as though you can not seem to make decisions unless you ask everyone around you what they think about whatever it is you want to do. Maybe you recognize yourself as a “chameleon” and see yourself changing to be like whoever you are with at the moment. Or, perhaps you just constantly go up and down emotionally based on however everyone seems to be treating you on a daily basis. This is living a dis-empowered life, and it is time to grab back your power and energy, and live the life you love as an Empowered Being!

Enhance Spirituality

If you are looking to increase your communication perhaps with something greater, find the trust and faith within to a deeper spiritual center, find your inner wisdom, or help yourself maintain a metaphysical connection, then experiencing the imagery journey is the path for this evolution. Facilitated journeys by Cheryl or journeys experienced in complete immersion can help you find the missing piece. It is part of Life Mastery.

Grow your Imagination and Creativity

Life Mastery cannot truly happen if our imagination and creativity is stunted. What about the blocks along the way that stifles creativity and stunts the imagination? Cheryl’s hypnosis and therapeutic imagery unlocks the most stubborn door and can unleash the creative mind for prolific productivity. The subconscious mind holds a rich fabric of symbols and images ready to burst upon the canvas of life when this just right key is found.

Release Self-Sabotage and a Resistant Lifestyle

Learn to go beyond, actually “grow up”, stop the stopping, undo the limitations, follow through with the plan, achieve and accomplish by getting passed your own internal gate keeper. Why let yourself continue to go in circles any longer? Now is the time to remove the hidden agendas of the familiar stalemates. With hypnosis, let’s allow the forever potential within become the actualized visible life mastered without!

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