Pain Relief

Doctor Referral

With Doctor referral, and as an integrative therapeutic approach, hypnosis and imagery can be used for pain management in cancer and related side affects from treatment, HIV, irritable bowel syndrome, preparation for surgery, post surgery, arthritic conditions, weight loss, diabetic conditions, medication compliance, and other medical issues.

Hypnosis and imagery encompasses working with mind/body concepts for all presenting problems. When it comes to the health related problem, how the mind affects the body becomes an even more integral part of the Hypnotherapy treatment plan.

Pain management:

For any type of persistent pain, headache, backache, etc., Cheryl will instruct the client to be checked out medically. In the area of pain, the client must have a Doctor referral — unless there is no known medical reason for the pain. There are many available imagery techniques that can be used with clients to help reduce pain and make it be more manageable. Hypnotherapists with expertise will never take the pain away completely.

Pain is nature’s signal to the body that something may be wrong. That alarm system must stay intact. However, turning the pain down and reducing the magnitude of the effect can be handled through hypnosis and imagery. When there is no apparent physical or medical reason for the pain, Cheryl, through special therapeutic imagery techniques, can help alleviate emotional pain which can often be stored in the body and causing the problem.