Therapeutic Imagery Seminars for Professionals Only

These seminars are for Health Care Professionals only and two of them include certifications. Therapists of all kinds, Doctors, Reiki Practitioners, Nurses, Chiropractors, Hospice Caregivers, and more who are in the health care field have taken these Therapeutic Imagery seminars and found great benefit for their clients and patients. These seminars meet CEU requirements of many health care organizations. All of these Therapeutic Imagery Seminars have been created by and are presented by Cheryl O’Neil, C.Ht., produced by The American Hypnosis Association, and are held at The Hypnosis Motivation Institute in Tarzana, CA. Click on each title below to find out more about the individual seminar.

Therapeutic Imagery Certification

Two Day Weekend Seminar – Open to all Health Care Professionals

Boost your confidence by learning dynamic and essential imagery processes! Experience this powerful weekend that gives you the basic groundwork to excellently help clients with imagery. With this strong foundation of information – find out when and how to use imagery for pain control, stress relief, healing, empowerment, positive habits, and get the chart for imagery applications for over 100 emotional well-being and success issues! Receive the imagery GuideBook chocked full with a variety of E&P imagery journeys. Find out how Kappasinian theories are integral for Therapeutic Imagery Certified Facilitators. Understand the ‘how to’ and the benefits of the Spoken Discovery Imagery Journey! There are plenty of experientials, demonstrations, and practice, so you will feel ready with the expertise to use imagery with clients.

Advanced Imagery

One Day Seminar – Requires Therapeutic Certification

Power up your practice and your life! This advanced imagery chapter gives break-through processes for the “hit-the-wall” client issues – those stuck places, conflicts, and big block obstacles. You will know what to do as you help the client more easily experience positive changes. You will find several enlightening imagery journeys that help clients begin the path to creating new responses and behavior for success in relationship. Plus, you will also gain next level use of the Wise One journeys, and the important imagery resource of The Coach Within. More demonstrations and practice throughout the day help you gain more control of developing your Facilitator skills. All of these imagery journeys in this workshop help clients make positive changes take place more easily. And, with more ease and advanced experience, you can really get your clients moving forward! Therapeutic Imagery Certification workshop is required to take this workshop.

Mythic & Archetypal Imagery

One Day Seminar – Open to all Health Care Professionals

Reach back to the misty creation of the Universe for transformational energy and power with this specialized branch of imagery! In this all day workshop, this is an excellent approach with clients hesitant about revealing too much or uncomfortable with freer imagery forms. You will discover how Mythic & Archetypal directed imagery journeys, specifically written in E&P language, can add to your technique, positively impact your client, and help them to build confident independence. Throughout the day, workshop participants experience a series of journeys in group, delve into the realms of myths and archetypes, observe more demos, partner up for practice, and come out with an understanding of how to do another fifteen or more sessions.

Life Passages Imagery

One Day Seminar – Open to all Health Care Professionals

In this one day workshop you will gain information to help clients with some of life’s most difficult challenges – explore how to deal with acute and chronic illness and pain, increase your understanding of working with clients who are rankling with death, dying, and grief issues. Learn how to help them move into healing, transformation, and discover how imagery affects and includes the human spiritual journey. When your client has lost or is losing their loved one, or your client is going through the stress of their final days, enormous questions of life, spirituality and healing are encountered. You will feel prepared to help. This meaningful, powerful workshop gives many imagery journeys to work with and time to partner up for practice. This workshop is open to everyone.

Metaphysical Imagery

 One Day Seminar – Open to all Health Care Professionals

A full day workshop that takes a fascinating journey into the mystical world of metaphysics and shows how it influences working with clients. Is what we think about our client important? Find out what the Alchemists were really doing. Learn why our Therapeutic Imagery practice is thanks to those outsiders. You will strengthen your own power of intuition through intuition exercises and experiences. Connect to ancient wisdom through the “I AM” imagery journey. Learn how you can apply the power of Emerson’s “Universal Mind Concept.” Experience Inner Gold and Mystical Empowerment group journeys, find a Metaphysical Mentor, and more! Discover how metaphysics can enhance your life, and affect your client’s happiness. This workshop is open to all health care professionals.

Therapeutic Imagery Master Certification


This is a two day weekend seminar which requires all prior seminars to enter.

This weekend takes your command of Imagery to the next level! You will be immersed in the Art of the Imagery Facilitator which means your mastery of it. Delve into the understanding of Purpose and Meaning, find your Personal Positive Code, and walk the Path of the Valiant – all to help clients find their way. Watch your creativity soar as you learn how to create an overall Therapeutic Imagery Plan for clients and receive strategies to implement the plan! Discover more journeys that enable the client to reach the goal while you invisibly build them up on their own Valiant Path. This seminar brings you more information to use and explore, such as the powerful symbolic archetypal journeys, or the dynamic mythic connection journeys, and even includes helpful tips for self-care. The entire weekend certification gives you the opportunity to achieve The Art of Therapeutic Imagery with confidence and become and an empowered Master. You can become an Alpha Facilitator! Join the fun and be ready for a weekend of high intensity, as you transform into a Master of Imagery!


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