Stop Smoking with Hypnosis

In Los Angeles we offer Hypnosis to help people quit smoking

Many people have had a great deal of success eliminating this habit through hypnosis. Some come in for a one-stop session; others are recommended a more gradual process of a 3 to 6 session program.

Smokers are usually either replacement smokers or identification smokers. Replacement smokers have replaced some old, earlier habit with smoking cigarettes. The replacement smoker is getting more oral and visual gratification out of smoking, besides doing it out of habit. Handling the cigarette, lighting it, taking it out of the pack – it all takes on a special kind of meaning for the replacement smoker.

The identification smoker usually started smoking because everyone else smoked in the group or some one person they admired was a smoker, and it was “cool.”  Both types of smokers can become heavily addicted. Hypnosis is a safe, healthy, and effective way out.

PathFinder  offers a 2 year guarantee on its Stop Smoking program. After completing the PathFinder Stop Smoking program with Cheryl, if for even a moment, you think you want to pick up a cigarette again, call Cheryl O’Neil first and book an appointment. If you HAVE NOT SMOKED, then the session is FREE, accompanied by a FREE CD of the session for positive reinforcement!

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